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Borjan, a distinguished brand that stands as a proud member of the RAFUM GROUP, a conglomerate with retail at its core. At Borjan, our essence revolves around footwear and accessories, offering individuals a touch of fashion with a diverse array of footwear designs. From modern to chic, sophisticated to classic, Borjan’s collection caters to a spectrum of styles.

Technology Used

Project Overview

Borjan emerged as a prominent player in the retail sector, celebrated for its footwear and accessory offerings. As a brand with a national footprint, Borjan is synonymous with quality and style. 

The brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional product value and service is evident through a workforce of over 1000 employees and a vast network of more than 145 outlets spread across 75 cities in Pakistan.

Key Features

Discover the epitome of style and quality at Borjan, where each step is a statement, and every accessory is a testament to our commitment to fashion excellence. Step into a world of footwear and accessories that define your individual style – step into Borjan.
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