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Friday POS

It’s a cloud-based restaurant, delivery and retail management system. It’s been used by subway, OPTP and many more.

fully integrated POS solution for restaurants, offering inventory management, delivery management, employee scheduling and online ordering all in on. Completely developed and marketed in-house and currently powering many renowned restaurants around the globe.

Friday POScDisplay orders in the kitchen in real-time as they are received for a faster and streamlined delivery process. Friday has partnered up with the world’s leading accounting & finance solutions so you can easily manage your books on a single platform with QuickBooks and Xero complete online/desktop integration.


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Montserrat really shines for short pieces of all caps and the geometric simplicity of the letters. In lowercase, Montserrat, is still a pretty nice font with a nice large x-height and a lot more character than Arial or Helvetica. Recommended For: It is basically the one that suits all and creates feeling of trust.

Sans Serif

Sans serif typefaces are considered more modern than serif typefaces. They lack the strokes that distinguish a serif typeface, hence the use of the French word “sans,” which means “without.” Sans serif typefaces are often used to signify something clean, minimal, friendly, or modern.

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