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Where innovation meets automotive excellence is at Team Velocity! Our state-of-the-art headquarters, which epitomizes cutting-edge technology and client-focused services, is located not far outside of Washington, D.C. Team Velocity is poised to revolutionize automobile marketing with our production center, which houses the East Coast’s model Xerox plant and can produce over five million direct mail campaigns each month, and our innovative marketing center in Miami, Florida.

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The dedication of Team Velocity is to be your one-stop automobile partner. We house all of our operations under one roof to provide our clients with unrivaled quality, affordability, and efficiency—from our core technology to automated marketing services. 

Our home office houses our client services and technology development teams, who work in perfect harmony with our production center, which is fully furnished for first-rate printing and fulfillment. Our marketing center is a prime example of innovation in the automobile marketing industry, and it has a strategic presence in Miami, Florida.

Key Features

Set out on an adventure with Team Velocity, where cutting-edge technologies and automotive excellence collide. Put your trust in us to revolutionize your automobile marketing experience with state-of-the-art equipment, well-chosen sites, and a steadfast dedication to providing the best possible services.

It’s one of the best car dealer management and marketing platform in the world and was acquired by another company for $150 million back in 2016.
It is the most advanced technology platform in the automotive industry.

Technology Used

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